3rd Age Holidays

This website is an easy and economical way for seniors (aged 50 plus) to holiday in the UK, or abroad and experience something new and hopefully forge new friendships. Our website will introduce you to seniors who may also be University of The Third Age (U3A) members who wish to arrange holiday rental accommodation or perhaps home, or hospitality exchanges. Please note: Any reference to the U3A Organisation, or indication that members of this web site are also U3A members, should in no way infer that the U3A Trust endorses this web site, or it's listings. We are a totally independent organisation.

My husband and I are both longstanding members of the U3A and we have built this website to be a useful resource offering all types of holiday accommodation to all seniors (people aged 50+).  We will provide assistance to any user that experiences property listing difficulty and for this reason we encourage feedback from our users.

We hope you will use this site to enjoy more holiday experiences and please do contact us with any suggestions to improve the way this site operates.

If you would like to know more about rental properties on this site, or understand how holiday exchanges operate, please click on the 'FAQs' button in the navigation bar above. Some of the main advantages of 3rdAgeHolidays.com are listed below.


MOST IMPORTANT!  ALL ARRANGEMENTS FOR RENTALS ARE MADE DIRECTLY BETWEEN USERS OF THIS SITE and as such no commission is charged by us on holiday property owners rental pricing.  Most large holiday property accommodation companies typically charge 10% commission on rental rates.


In the case of Exchanges, other than the annual subscription fee to this website, no additional fees are payable to ourselves.  It is up to the parties to make satisfactory exchange arrangements between themselves.  3rdAgeHolidays.com's involvement is solely as a listings facility where details of rentals or exchanges may be listed for all users of this site to search.


If you have a second home, perhaps it would be nice to exchange with another member's 2nd home?  Experience a new holiday location with no accommodation cost and, with second home exchanges, the exchange does not have to be simultaneous.


With a Home or Hospitality exchange you do save a large portion of your holiday expense so perhaps that means more frequent holidays!


A holiday home, or hospitality exchange is also a great way to make new friends plus you also get the benefit of local knowledge from your exchange partner.


If you are living on your own, try a Solo Hospitality Exchange and enjoy new surroundings whilst making new friends.  On our system you can search for people offering hospitality exchanges (you initially stay with them, later they stay with you) specifically to other solos!  You can contact as many other solos as you like and then choose to visit those that you have the most in common with.


This website will introduce you to other seniors (couples, solos or families) who are looking for holiday accommodation in the UK and abroad. When you list you can specify the locations where you are most interested in traveling to, and whether you are a couple, solo or family.


With all contacts you make through this web site, you make your own travel arrangements directly with transport operators; you make your own itinerary and coordinate with the property owner.


Accommodation exchanges not only reduce holiday costs but more frequent holidays will allow you to improve your language skills!

If 3rdAgeHolidays.com is of interest to you it would be very helpful to us if you would refer us to friends and colleagues who may share your interest.

Happy holidays and best wishes,
Managing Partner