Our use of Cookies and our Data Policy

This website (like almost all others) USES COOKIES 
So what is a Cookie?
A cookie is a small snippet text sent by a web server and stored by the your web browser.  Every time your web browser requests a page from the server the cookie file is also sent back to the server.  The cookie enables the web server to keep track of the pages you've viewed and also to retain this information for as long as your browser remains open. By using this website you agree to our use of cookies.
We use different cookies for different purposes:
1. User cookie.  User cookies enable us to keep track of your visits to this web site. We do this to store your user preferences and also to authenticate you.
2. Session Cookies.  Session cookies are used by the program that makes up the website to pass information to and from web pages that you view. Session cookies are destroyed whenever you leave our web site and close your browser window.
3. We use Google Analytics with a unique_id cookie. Google Analytics provide us with detailed insight into how people use this web site and which pages they most frequently view. We use this information to provide a better user experience over time.
Can you block our use of Cookies?
Yes, you can alter the settings of your web browser to block, or restrict the cookies that your browser accepts. However, should you block our cookies then functionality of this website will be restricted.
A. This web site can only function if users provide information about their properties which can be viewed by others using this site (for example, all details that make up a property listing). We do not display the email addresses, physical addresses or telephone numbers of our members. By using this site you are deemed to have accepted our use of data you provide in accordance with our policies.
B. We only collect information that you are fully aware of and this data is only used to allow us to provide our services.
C. None of the data we collect is sold or rented to a third party.
D. Whilst you are a member of this website and you are using our services we will keep data relating to your account to comply with legal and accounting obligations. The legal basis on which we hold and collect this data is the approval you give by agreeing to our Terms & Conditions when you register to become a member of this web site. We will continue to hold data for as long as legally required, even after you have ceased to be a member of 3rdAgeHolidays.com although no property details you may have entered during your membership will be displayed on this web site once this membership has ceased.

E. We do not use any data unlawfully and we comply with the new GDPR EU Regulation which came into force on the 25th May, 2018. If you have any dispute about our use of data on this website then please contact: admin@3rdAgeHolidays.com with details of your issue and we will be pleased to respond to any concerns.
F. If you wish us to delete any personal data we hold about you, or details of a property listed on our site, then please contact: admin@3rdAgeHolidays.com and we will respond to your request within a maximum 24 hour period.

6. On certain pages of this web site you will find links to external web sites that are not operated by us and which we have no control over. These links are provided for convenience but please note: We are not responsible for the content on these web sites.

7. From time to time we may update our data and privacy policies as detailed on this page. In the footer of every page on our web site there is a link to this policy page and the date displayed next to this link indicates the last update.
8. Should there be any area where you would like further information about our use of data then please feel free to contact us using the following.
email: admin@3rdAgeHolidays.com, or tel: 01792-687014