Golf Holiday Exchanges

If you have a holiday home that is near a golf course then why not consider exchanging time in your property for time in another holiday home that is also near a golf course. That way you get to play at a different location without the cost of accommodation, plus you'll get all the information you need about local courses from the owner. You'll get much more out of such a stay because you will not have to waste any time finding out about any issues at the course including the use of buggies, green fees or perhaps club hire.

To list for a golf-exchange simply Register and then list your property and when you do so, tick to indicate it is located near a golf course.  You can also select your exchange location preferences or simply leave the default as 'anywhere'.

Golf Holiday Hospitality

Perhaps you would prefer to offer golf stay hospitality by hosting another player, or golfing couple for a weekend, or perhaps a week's stay. At a later date you will then enjoy the reciprocal hospitality of your guests at their home to enjoy their local course or courses.

Clearly, it is easier to offer hospitality to friends and relatives but through emails, phone calls and perhaps a meeting at a convenient location for a drink, new hospitality friendships could be forged. The common interests being the enjoyment of golf and visiting new courses at lower cost.

If you would like to list for a Golf Holiday Exchange then all you have to do is Register for membership of this website and then list your property for Exchange or Rental, or even both and see what offers you get. To Register click on the button at the top right hand of this page.

Golf Group Listings

If you organise a Golfing Group (U3A or over 50's) and would welcome a visiting player from another area, then you may list your group's details on this website for NO COST (please use the form at the bottom of this page to request a listing, thank you).

We will publish your group name and location, but not your contact details (to avoid spam emails). Golfers who are interested in arranging a game with any group may make contact by clicking on the group name and our system will present you with a contact page where you can complete a messaging form. The message will be sent directly to the relevant group organiser who will contact you.

Golf Groups

Group Name & Location Country Course Green Fee Group Plays
Clyne Friendly, Swansea Wales, UK Clyne Golf Club £20 Wednesdays, From 2.00pm
Haddenham U3A, BUCKS England Various Local Clubs To Be Advised We Play Once A Month

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