Holiday Home Exchanges

Exchanging homes for a holiday is a perfect way to lower the cost of your holiday whilst getting many benefits from a 'home from home' so to speak. The key with all such exchanges is to get to know your exchange partners because after all, you are entrusting them with your home, as they are with you.

Here is how it works, two parties agree to exchange their holiday homes for the duration of a mutually agreed holiday period, rental free.  If the exchange homes are the main residencies of the parties then the exchange has to be synchronised (so that they occur at the same time). Ideally, if you have a second home (a holiday home) then an exchange is easier to arrange and the time of the exchange need not be synchronised. You could swap time slots at different times to suit your individual requirements so these exchanges are easier to work through although again, be cautious, do your research as we'll outline below.

Using the Internet to do shopping, banking, or book a holiday, is very commonplace but as with any online interaction, you need to be aware of the fact that many unscrupilous people also use the Internet for the purpose of scamming you for some crooked purpose. Don't let this put you off though, there are many ways you can protect yourself from coming unstuck, so let's take you through a typical Home Exchange arrangement.

Use this website to find a potential Home Exchange partner
Make an initial enquiry with the partner to see if they are interested in a swap with you and get some tentative dates.
We do not give out our member's email or telephone numbers on this site so your initial contact message will go through our system in a blind manner.  However, if your exchange partner responds positively, they will want to provide you with their direct contact information so that detailed arrangements may be worked through.
You will require their email address and telephone number, along with their property's physical address (with post code).
Once you are in regular contact with your exchange partner mutually exchanging local information and answering any and all queries you both may have, it's likely that you will build a friendship and gain mutual trust.  This communication is vital to a successful home exchange and will enable your exchange holiday to run smoothly and very enjoyably.
Do not send your keys directly to your exchange partner, always leave the keys with an intermediatary (neighbour, or nearby family member, or perhaps a trusted friend).
You should also prepare an information pack that you can leave at your home in case of any emergency, or simply as useful info:
  • Where's the water stop cock for the house?
  • Where's the main electricity circuit breaker & gas main?
  • Important contact telephone numbers
  • Where's the nearest hospital for accident & emergency?
  • Where's the nearest pharmacy and their opening hours?
  • Where's the nearest supermarket?
  • Where's the nearest petrol/diesel station
  • Perhaps a little about local attractions & amenities

Finally, although it's vital to be cautious and aware, the direct communication you will have with your exchange partner (along the checks you will make) will enable you to build confidence, but only proceed if you're 100% happy with all information and arrangements.

Please note: To make contact with the owner of an exchange listing on this website (Home or Hospitality), you must be a registered member of 3rdAgeHolidays.  As a member, you can make contact with any other member by forwarding messages through our system.

Hospitality Exchanges

A Hospitality Exchange is where one party acts as a host and provides guest accommodation for the duration of the exchange and the host remains in residence.  At a later date the arrangements are reversed and the original host becomes the guest of the other party.  Any evening meals are entirely at the discretion of the hospitality provider. Hospitality exchanges are normally shorter stays of up to a week but again, it is entirely up to the parties as to the arrangements that are made.

What about Solo Hospitality Exchanges?

Some people over age fifty are living on their own and perhaps a little reticent about traveling to a new location and then being on their own.  If you arrange a Solo Hospitality exchange you will be in the company of your hospitality exchange partner so you will get so much more from your visit.  With the 3rdAgeHoliday system you can register just for Solo Hospitality and search for others in a similar position to yourself, so you could soon build a network of people to swap hospitality with!  Through solo hospitality you could also have company for meals, or walks and at the same time get to enjoy a new location with no accommodation costs.  When you reciprocate the visit your exchange partner will come and stay with you and gain the benefit of your local knowledge.  You could take your new hospitality friend to your favourite local places which will greatly add value and enjoyment to their visit.  Why not sign up for 3rdAgeHolidays Solo Hospitality today and get more out of life!

When you first make contact with a prospective hospitality provider it's a good idea to first exchange a few emails and telephone calls so you gain more insight into their personality and location. We do not vet the members of this web site, but if you are a U3A member you may want to arrange an exchange with another U3A member who shares similar interests to yourself (note: we indicate on listings whether our member is also a U3A member).

What about Couples Hospitality Exchanges?

If you would like to exchange hospitality with a couple then you can select this preference when you list your property.  You can then search for Couples Hospitality to find others that have listed for this type of exchange.  We have separated out couples hospitality because some people may not be able to accommodate a family exchange.  It is very easy to select either solo, couples or family hospitality exchanges when you make a search, you simply tick the relevant boxes.  You may also make multiple choices by ticking more of the search box criteria and you can also choose the country, or area where you would like to search.

Family Hospitality Exchanges

Family hospitality is for those that have room to accommodate more visitors and as such this option can be set when listing your property.  You can of course choose the family hospitality option when undertaking searches to find the right location and exchange that will suit you.  We have endeavoured to make the search system as flexible and comprehensive as possible to make searches very relevant to what people are looking for.

List for a Home or Hospitality Exchange

To list your home on this site for either a Home, or Hospitality exchange, all you need to do is become a member by registering for an account by clicking on the Register button on the top right of this page.   Once you are a member you can list your home and then sit back and wait for people interested in an exchange to contact you.   Alternatively, be pro-active, if you are interested in an exchange in a given area then do a search on this site and contact potential exchange partners.  Even if the listing party is looking for an exchange in another area, they may still be interested in an exchange and will in any case, welcome your contact.

For more information about listing for Home or Hospitality exchanges, please visit:  List for a Home Exchange,   or Hospitality Exchange