List For A Home Exchange

To list for an Exchange on this site is easy, but first you need to become a member.

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When you list you will be asked to specify whether you are listing for: Home Exchange, Solo Hospitality, Couples Hospitality or Family Hospitality. You simply tick the listing reasons that apply to your listing (tick at least one, but you can tick all that apply).  Please note: The listing facility is generic, so please ignore any reference you may see for Rental.  Call or email us if you get stuck in any part of the listing process and we'll help out.

For all listings (even for Hospitality) you will be asked to enter details of your property and (if possible) upload photos because pictures do make an enormous difference to how a listing is perceived. You will be able to change the initial details you enter at any time, you simply login to this site using your selected email and password and once logged in you will then be transferred to your personal control panel, where you can edit all your details. You may have one, or more holiday homes and you can list up to five different properties but for each additional property (after your first which is covered by your initial membership fee), we will charge an additional fee of £15.

Benefits of Membership

Membership entitles you to list your property for any type of exchange and also contact any other listed member. Your membership personal control panel allows you to edit all details relating to your listing including a facility to allow you to add attractive descriptions about your home or area, formatted as you prefer. You can also choose to receive email alerts whenever someone makes an enquiry about your listing.

If you want to indicate when you are open to an exchange on a calendar, then you can do so. Each listing has a unique calendar associated with it.

Home Exchanges

When you list for an exchange you gain access to a personal listing control panel that lets you specify exactly the sort of exchange you're interested in. So for example, you can set up the type of exchange:

  - Home Exchange
  - Solo Hospitality
  - Couples Hospitality
  - Family Hospitality

When you list for any holiday exchange, along with details of your property you can also set out the geographic locations that you are most interested to exchange with, these preferred exchange locations being displayed on your listing page. Your listing tools also allow you to set up your dedicated listing calendar on which you block out periods when you would not want an exchange.

Clearly, if you are listing a second home (holiday home) then exchanges are much easier to manage and arrange.  With a second home an exchange does not have to take place simultaneously and you simply agree the dates that suit you both.  If you are exchanging your primary residence then dates would need to be synchronised and travel plans more carefully made so there are no overlaps.

With all exchanges the key to success is communication with your exchange partner(s).  If you are going to let someone stay in your property then you will need to gain confidence that your property will be respected along with any restrictions you may place on any arrangements.  When you list our system will ask you to indicate whether you allow smoking, pets or small children for example and these rules are prominently displayed along with all other details.  Emails and telephone calls will enable you to build mutual information about exchange facilities and geographic locations so that your stays are both comfortable and highly enjoyable.

You are not obligated to proceed with any exchange, it's all up to you but most people are happy to discuss the possibilities and hear about what new locations have to offer.   Maybe some people will already have a reason to want to visit your area but if not, sell it to them!  Put what's great about where you live and why it is worth a visit, in your listing details.  Your local knowledge will be a great asset to your exchange partner, just as the knowledge of their locality will be to you.

Go for it, have some exchange fun!.  Start by Registering and then, when you log in you will be directed to your own listing control panel where you can then select 'Add Property'. You will the see a set of TABs which will allow you to list all details about your property and set your preference for Hospitality OR Home Exchanges. For more information about Home or Hospitality exchanges, go to: Holiday Home Exchanges

U3A Members

When a U3A Member lists for an Exchange they can tick a box that will set a U3A tag that will show up in all search results. This means that anyone viewing your listing and wishing to contact you is aware that you are a U3A member. This identification means that parties have more in common which we believe 'adds value' to contacts you make.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member soon!