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This site is for people who:

1. Are aged 50+ (preferably U3A members)

2. Are looking for holiday accommodation

3. Want to advertise holiday accommodation

 So, to expand on the above:

1. There are several reasons why we focus on the over fifty age group but the main one being that this is an ever expanding population age band. People are living longer and enjoying more active lives in their semi, or full retirement years. The Oxford Dictionary defines "third age" as 'The period in life of active retirement, following middle age' and our aim is to target this community (to which we also belong) with holiday support services.

2. When a holiday is arranged accommodation can be an expensive element of the total cost and getting the right type of accommodation, in the right location and at an acceptable price, is what we will help you achieve with our search system which allows you to specify several search parameters. Your search can be specified for home exchange, hospitality exchange, or for holiday rentals. All our listings are placed by individuals who are members of this site and as such are in your age group and are readily contractible.

3. If you are interested in a Home Exchange, Hospitality Exchange or have a second property (holiday home) you like to occasionally let out, then by listing on this web site your details will be available to like minded people in the third age band.

Become a 3rdAgeHolidays member

1. Simply click on Register (above, top right)

2. Once registered you can list your property and contact others on this site

 To expand on the above:

1. Registration is easy, once you are on the Registration page you simply complete a few details on a form, pay your membership fee via Paypal (secure payment using any debit or credit card or, if you have a Paypal account you can simply pay using that account. Please note, you do not require a Paypal account to pay your membership by card.

2.   Once you are a 3rdAgeHolidays member, you can list your property for Home, or Hospitality Exchange or, if you have a holiday home and want to let that out then you can use this site to gain exposure to potential renters who can then contact you through this site. As a member you get access to your own personal Control Panel which you can use to fully manage the way your property listing is shown on this site. However, we know that some people are unfamiliar with computers and as such may find the listing process easier by simply filling in a form. Contact us and we'll email you the form which you may complete in your own time and email it back, we'll do the rest!

Want a low cost holiday?

1. Try a holiday Home Exchange

2. See our FAQ's for more information

 To expand on the above:

1. As you know, holiday accommodation can be a large proportion of your total holiday cost BUT, if you go down the Home Exchange or Hospitality Exchange route, the accommodation could cost you nothing at all! The process is easy but the key is, get to know your exchange partner initially through email and then later by telephone so that you can be sure of all the exchange details.

2. If you are new to the idea of Home or Hospitality Exchange then you will doubtless have many questions. Please see our FAQ's page where many questions and answers are listed but you can also email or telephone us and we'll do our best to assist you.

Get more out of retirement

1. Low cost holidays = more holidays

2. Try hospitality or home exchanges

3. Learn more from out FAQ's page

 To expand on the above:

1. Many semi, or fully retired people are on tight budgets so holidays have to be carefully considered. With Home or Hospitality exchanges, there is no accommodation cost so that will undoubtedly make your holiday budget go much further and allow perhaps one, or two additional holidays each year.

2. Never considered a Home or Hospitality Exchange? Please visit our FAQ's page to get more information about the process and please do feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

3. As we've said above, there is a great deal of information about exchanges on both our Holiday Home Exchanges and FAQ's pages.

On your own? Try Solo Hospitality

1. Solo Hospitality is a great way to experience new places with company

2. Search this site now for Solo Hospitality opportunities

 To expand on the above:

1. So what is Solo Hospitality? Many over 50's are living on their own and perhaps a little reticent about lone traveling. If you arrange a Solo Hospitality exchange you will get some company and make a new friend in the process! With the 3rdAgeHoliday system you can register just for Solo Hospitality and search for others in a similar position to yourself so you could soon build a network of people to swap hospitality with! You could get company for meals, or walks and at the same time get to enjoy a new location with no accommodation costs. When you reciprocate a visit you could take your hospitality friend to your favourite local places that will add great value to their visit to you. Sign up for 3rdAgeHolidays Solo Hospitality today and get more out of life!

2. Search this site now for Solo Hospitality opportunities. On the right hand side of the main pages on this site you will find the 'Search for Holiday Accommodation' block and in this block select 'Solo Hospitality'. You will then find yourself on the search page where you can add in other criteria to your search, like location. Solo hospitality could be the most rewarding thing you ever do because this type of exchange will enable you to make new friends and have knowledgeable partners in locations you are likely to be totally unfamiliar with. You surely will gain much from this type of hospitality and, when you reciprocate the hospitality you will also have company going to your favourite places within your own locality.

Mutual Hospitality Exchanges

1. Hospitality Exchanges are free

2. Make new friends in new locations

2. Reciprocate by mutual arrangement

 To expand on the above:

1. Yes, Hospitality Exchanges do not incur accommodation cost and you may even agree with your exchange partner to include all meals (except when visiting restaurants) in the exchange package. What a great way to expand your circle of friends and also to try the locale cuisine (or your exchange partner's specialities!). On this site you can specify the type of Hospitality you are looking for, i.e. Solo Hospitality, Couples Hospitality or Family Hospitality.

2. With a like minded Hospitality partner(s) you are highly likely to make an ongoing friendship but best of all, you will get the most out of the places you visit through your partner's local knowledge.

3. Reciprocate by mutual arrangement so you choose when you will visit each other's homes. This may be when a special local event is happening or simply when you feel like a break. Again, simply discuss with your partners the best times to visit and make the arrangements, it really is that easy!

Fancy a city break?

1. Search this site now for holiday rentals

2. Search now for a Hospitality Exchange

 To expand on the above:

1. When search this site for a rental property, you can specify the type of location that you prefer, 'City' location being one of those preferences. You can incidentally, also specify 'Coastal', 'Countryside' or 'Golf' locations.

2. Perhaps a city Hospitality Exchange is what you have in mind? No problem, simply select the type of hospitality you're looking for and get searching!

This web site does not:

1. Charge any fees for holiday rental transactions

2. Charge any commission for Home or Hospitality Exchanges

 To expand on the above:

1. You may be aware that some websites do charge a booking fee for holiday rentals BUT WE DO NOT. Although a property may be listed on this site, any rental transaction is purely between you (the renter) and the property owner (the listing party).

2. Any arrangements you make with 3rdAgeHoliday members offering Home or Hospitality Exchanges is an arrangement that is directly between you and your exchange partner. 3rdAgeHolidays DO NOT get involved with exchange arrangements and apart from the membership fee we charge to become a member of this site, we do not gain any other financial benefit from exchanges between members. All members list their properties on this site and are entirely responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide. In any exchange arrangement please fully discuss all details with your exchange partner.


Experience a new course through a second home Exchange OR

List your property near a golf course to generate rental income

 To expand on the above:

1. There are so many fabulous golf courses out there to enjoy and, if you already have a second home near a golf course, why not swap a week or two with another member's golf retreat? So no money changes hands, you can enjoy a new area and new course for no accommodation charge, more fun all round!

2. Alternatively, list your property near a course and generate rental income from other golfers who you know will respect your second home.